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ooofta, its not the heat!

here in Northern Minnesota it is so hot, ish!  Sleeping at night is nearly impossible because of the humidity. We don’t have air conditioning as for 360 days of the year we don’t need it. The other night I got up at 3am and looked outside and was surprised to see a fox in front of our garage eating a snack.  the nightlight attracts moths and this little fury friend found a real eight course meal.  It was fun watching him dance with the bugs and snapping them up into his little mouth.  The heat didn’t seem to bother him, even though he has a fur coat.

I marvel at the animals that venture into our little piece of Heaven on Earth. We have a woodchuck living under our storage shed, deer roam everywhere eating my ornamental bushes….bear lumber through as well.

Skunks, porky pines and of course rabbits are common visitors to our acre and a half.

Sure it is hot and humid, but there is always something going on to keep you occupied until sleep comes.


Oofta it’s 1812!

Click the picture to go to a video of 1812 soldiers!

The Brits invade Duluth, Minnesota as part of Maritime History Festival. My daughter Jitterbug ran into a jolly good group of Brits! Oofta she had fun!

Gas prices and conservation…Oofta!

I am at a certain age where I am closer to retirement than midlife crisis…and Oofta between upcoming winter heating bills and ongoing pain at the pump I truly worry that my 401K will see me through the many years to come.

Funny I never feared that possibility two years ago. My retirement fund was climbing weekly and the visions of security in my golden years seemed assured. Heck I shop at Walmart! In fact my Golden Parachute included a job as “greeter.” Oofta, how many of us have thought about that possibility to supplement our Social Security.

Today banks are failing, the stock market is plunging and there’s a waiting list for those jobs.

I’ve never squandered my money…now the money I do have seems even more dear. And that leads me to a idea I have been mulling over. MAYBE it is time to buy a scooter. They are gas sippers, I still have my balance and would probably survive a drive into town and back…and frankly they look like they’d be fun!



My purchase would also stimulate the economy.

I imagine the wind blowing thru my hair as I wave happily to my neighbors and the town folks. Putt, putt, putting thru town…with the songs from Easy Rider playing on my 25 year old Walkman. I’d like a little basket up front for my dog. He loves to ride shotgun. I am still mulling over models. Safety or style? Practicality or flamboyance?

I am leaning toward something in red…but the training wheels? They have to go!

Denmark and Duluth—Oofta!

The tail of two little mermaids…..in Copenhagen there sits a sweet little mermaid in the harbor welcoming all who travel to the shores of this geat city.
Denmark\'s Little Mermaid

Duluth\'s Little Mermaid


Thousands of miles beyond in the new world…a Little Mermaid welcomes all to the shores of beautiful Duluth, Minnesota. Each holds in the hearts the promise of things to come.

A sad day in Denmark

A sad day in Denmark

In 2003 Vandals strike and topple the Denmark landmark into the sea…yet it rises from the waters and is firmly established on her rock…where she sits for all to enjoy today!

A sadder day in Duluth

A sadder day in Duluth

In 2008 Duluth’s little mermaid meets with a mishap….and tumbles into the water unaided! A passerby pulls her from the waters below and today….she sits looking for a thousand foot “sh#tter” to enter the harbor.

For the one thousand foot Sh#tter story on Youtube please click the picture below or the word: OOFTA

1000\' sh#tter