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Fruit soup and other recipes

fruit soup

recipe from 1950

The Women’s Club of Harris, Minnesota Cookbook, 1950. These pages are from the foreign dishes segment. Enjoy!


ofta I get to meet some interesting folks

Recently I traveled to Minnesota’s Iron Range to give a talk to a group of amazing women.  The lady in the picture with me is a self described “senior cougar”  She loves to chat up men and enjoys every minute of her life. She says its easy to meet men, simple start talking to them!

Here is a song that will stick with you….oofta!

Click here  to listen to a song from Minnesota that will stick with you like a big bowl of oatmeal.

My first cameo role in a movie…Oofta Strange!

Here it is…the trailor for my first appearance in a horror movie~ it sure looks scary!

Oofta I love summer in the Northland!

I love our adventures in Duluth. They take about one hour of our time but they always lift my spirits and refuels my brain.

Oofta it’s 1812!

Click the picture to go to a video of 1812 soldiers!

The Brits invade Duluth, Minnesota as part of Maritime History Festival. My daughter Jitterbug ran into a jolly good group of Brits! Oofta she had fun!

OOfta! Rudy be careful!

The sport of mountain biking is picking up in popularity in the Northland…where fat tires rule the trail. Now a small group of local athletes are pushing themselves to the limits when it comes to handling their bikes.

Their talent goes well beyond the standard rock jump. This week in Duluth, Minnesota my daughter and I went for a walk on the city’s lakewalk along beautiful Lake Superior. We always enjoy our time together and we often see things that many people simply miss because they are busy burning off calories from dinner.

Click the picture below to see what you missed!

But some of us have learned if you stop and look around you there are gifts that can make you day…and you might be lucky to see people like Rudy defying gravity along the rocky shore.