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Nemadji Indian Pottery

Several people have contacted me recently about a book I wrote involving my hobby, collecting Nemadji Indian Pottery.  The pottery was made in the town where I live; Moose Lake, Minnesota.  If you are interested in learning more about this collectible….here is a link to the amazon.com website where the book is sold.


Nemadji Pottery


The above link is to my nemadji indian pottery website. It may be of interest to those collecting swirl painted pottery, Nemadji “Indian” Pottery, Minnesota made pottery.

For those looking for this pottery, production ended back in 2002. However, you can still find it at garage sales and antique shops. One place in Moose Lake, Minnesota called Joe Jitters coffee shop and antiques has a selection of pots ranging from the early 1950’s to the 1990’s and they are reasonably priced for the beginning collector.