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ooofta, its not the heat!

here in Northern Minnesota it is so hot, ish!  Sleeping at night is nearly impossible because of the humidity. We don’t have air conditioning as for 360 days of the year we don’t need it. The other night I got up at 3am and looked outside and was surprised to see a fox in front of our garage eating a snack.  the nightlight attracts moths and this little fury friend found a real eight course meal.  It was fun watching him dance with the bugs and snapping them up into his little mouth.  The heat didn’t seem to bother him, even though he has a fur coat.

I marvel at the animals that venture into our little piece of Heaven on Earth. We have a woodchuck living under our storage shed, deer roam everywhere eating my ornamental bushes….bear lumber through as well.

Skunks, porky pines and of course rabbits are common visitors to our acre and a half.

Sure it is hot and humid, but there is always something going on to keep you occupied until sleep comes.


Oofta the sock puppet and Frosty sing…

Ok..so what does a person do when it is raining in Northern Minnesota and you are home alone? We’ll if you are living your second childhood….possibly you find an old sock, a couple of buttons and a sewing needle and make a puppet. If you are really living that childhood…you might grab the dog, turn on the family video camera and make a movie.

Vocals by Frosty

Vocals by Frosty

Presenting Oofta the sock puppet and Frosty

Lake Superior Agates Oofta they are sure pretty!

Rock hounds from around the county visit Moose Lake, Minnesota to search for Lake Superior agates. The agates were carried into our area and deposited during the Glacial Lake Duluth era…many, many years ago.

Moose Lake hosts agate days in late July every year. This year it was held July 19-20.

On Friday I went out to search for rock hounds to see what the big deal is.

Oofta summer finally arrives!

Oofta winter was long and our spring was wet and cold.  Now summer has finally arrived!  It is so wonderful to see the sights that have been missing from our part of the world.

Oofta this is fun pottery to collect!

Nemadji PotteryNemadji “Indian” Pottery is my favorite thing to collect. I have hundreds of pieces and Oofta, I have so much I ended up writing a book about it!  It was produced as a tourist pottery in Moose Lake and Kettle River Minnesota from the 1920’s until 2002.  It can be found in garage sales, antique and collectible stores….I have paid everything from ten cents to 50 dollars per piece.

The book can be found on Amazon.