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Update on “Message in a bottle”

Thursday August 7th, Jitterbug and I tossed the message in a bottle back into Lake Superior. We included our own treasure map which leads to a buried treasure along Duluth, Minnesota’s lakewalk.

Click on the photo below to see the video of “Bottle Part Two!”

Message in a bottle

Message in a bottle


Oofta I love summer in the Northland!

I love our adventures in Duluth. They take about one hour of our time but they always lift my spirits and refuels my brain.

Mysterious message in a bottle!

My daughter and I took a walk along Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota…and Oofta were we in for a surprise! We spotted a bottle floating toward the beach. Eventually Jitterbug managed to snag it and we found a message inside. We had so much fun, and luckily I had brought my little camera which also is a video camera. You guessed it—we have video documenting our find!

Mystery bottle

Mystery bottle

Oofta! So many strawberries in Blackhoof-Sandy.

Click the photo of the above berries and it will take you to the Video…of Strawberry Pickin’

My husband, daughter and I went strawberry picking Sunday…we had our video camera along and of course she didn’t miss a chance to broadcast the fun, on the Northland’s NewsCenter.

Like Mother–Like Daughter. Oofta those berries were tasty. Last night I tried to make strawberry jam…today it is still not setting up. So I guess I’ll have to go to plan B. Strawberry sauce!

Live is good…Live it!

Oofta! Potato Dumplings!

Ode to Swedish Potato Dumplings!Potato Dumplings

When I was a little girl in Minnesota my mother and grandmother would make Swedish Keopkakker also known as Potato Dumplings. My mother would use the grease from the fry pan used to fry up the pork or ham and make a gravy to pour over the dumplings.

My oh my…we ate these up quicker than she could serve them up.

Left overs were sliced up and fried in butter.

We pronounced it “Crewb’-cah-cah” Oofta—My mouth waters just thinking about them!

Mom and Jitterbug

Mom and Jitterbug

One weekend soon my daughter and I will be whipping up a batch to see if they taste as good today as they did some fifty years ago!

It’s a good thing she’s in nursing school…this might just be a heart attack in a pan…

Mom and Jitterbug’s late breaking news podcast…Oofta we are growing old!

Growing old ain’t for sissies,” Bette Davis

Here is episode #2 of Mom and Jitterbug.

The podcasters

The podcasters

Click on the link below for our latest audio offering, from the Beautiful Northwoods.

This podcast lasts aproximately 20 minutes and examines how we view aging. How old is old? Hot flashes anyone? We even bring in a guest auctioneer to sell us a bag of kitty litter! Join us on this unique journey…as we examine the things in life that really matter. It is dedicated to our good friends, Danny and Ashley who just celebrated their 50th episode of their very unique podcast Danny Does Duluth!

AND NOW…We present our latest podcast, actually our second episode! We take a tough look at what happens when we age. Disclaimer: We are not medical doctors. Oofta you do not want to try this at home.

Exhibit B