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ooofta, its not the heat!

here in Northern Minnesota it is so hot, ish!  Sleeping at night is nearly impossible because of the humidity. We don’t have air conditioning as for 360 days of the year we don’t need it. The other night I got up at 3am and looked outside and was surprised to see a fox in front of our garage eating a snack.  the nightlight attracts moths and this little fury friend found a real eight course meal.  It was fun watching him dance with the bugs and snapping them up into his little mouth.  The heat didn’t seem to bother him, even though he has a fur coat.

I marvel at the animals that venture into our little piece of Heaven on Earth. We have a woodchuck living under our storage shed, deer roam everywhere eating my ornamental bushes….bear lumber through as well.

Skunks, porky pines and of course rabbits are common visitors to our acre and a half.

Sure it is hot and humid, but there is always something going on to keep you occupied until sleep comes.


Update on “Message in a bottle”

Thursday August 7th, Jitterbug and I tossed the message in a bottle back into Lake Superior. We included our own treasure map which leads to a buried treasure along Duluth, Minnesota’s lakewalk.

Click on the photo below to see the video of “Bottle Part Two!”

Message in a bottle

Message in a bottle

Oofta I love summer in the Northland!

I love our adventures in Duluth. They take about one hour of our time but they always lift my spirits and refuels my brain.

Oofta it’s 1812!

Click the picture to go to a video of 1812 soldiers!

The Brits invade Duluth, Minnesota as part of Maritime History Festival. My daughter Jitterbug ran into a jolly good group of Brits! Oofta she had fun!

This post is not about watermellon pickles!

My post on watermellon pickles and libido brought in the most hits ever on my blog.  Oofta, now I know what all of you have been thinking!  This post—has nothing to do with pickles unless they are stored in the galley of a tall ship.

Thousands of Northlanders are expected to turn out on Thursday for the arrival of three tall ships in the Duluth, Minnesota harbor.  Lake Superior has brought us many wonderful things over the years….and this week, as part of  Maritime Heritage Festival we will have the chance to see the Niagra, Madeline and the Pride of Baltimore.

As a reporter and civilian I have traveled on several vessels, including a cruise ship and an iron ore carrier.  My husband also paddles a mean little canoe.  But I have always dreamed of sailing on a tall ship.  I’m trying to figure out how I can become a stow-a-way on the Baltimore.  My luck I would end up a cast-a-way on an uncharted island off the Northshore.  Oofta!

This week’s event in Duluth should be very exciting…as it also marks the 150th year of statehood for Minnesota.


To see some beautiful photos of the Pride….follow this link.


Mysterious message in a bottle!

My daughter and I took a walk along Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota…and Oofta were we in for a surprise! We spotted a bottle floating toward the beach. Eventually Jitterbug managed to snag it and we found a message inside. We had so much fun, and luckily I had brought my little camera which also is a video camera. You guessed it—we have video documenting our find!

Mystery bottle

Mystery bottle

Lake Superior Agates Oofta they are sure pretty!

Rock hounds from around the county visit Moose Lake, Minnesota to search for Lake Superior agates. The agates were carried into our area and deposited during the Glacial Lake Duluth era…many, many years ago.

Moose Lake hosts agate days in late July every year. This year it was held July 19-20.

On Friday I went out to search for rock hounds to see what the big deal is.