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Oofta I love summer in the Northland!

I love our adventures in Duluth. They take about one hour of our time but they always lift my spirits and refuels my brain.


This post is not about watermellon pickles!

My post on watermellon pickles and libido brought in the most hits ever on my blog.  Oofta, now I know what all of you have been thinking!  This post—has nothing to do with pickles unless they are stored in the galley of a tall ship.

Thousands of Northlanders are expected to turn out on Thursday for the arrival of three tall ships in the Duluth, Minnesota harbor.  Lake Superior has brought us many wonderful things over the years….and this week, as part of  Maritime Heritage Festival we will have the chance to see the Niagra, Madeline and the Pride of Baltimore.

As a reporter and civilian I have traveled on several vessels, including a cruise ship and an iron ore carrier.  My husband also paddles a mean little canoe.  But I have always dreamed of sailing on a tall ship.  I’m trying to figure out how I can become a stow-a-way on the Baltimore.  My luck I would end up a cast-a-way on an uncharted island off the Northshore.  Oofta!

This week’s event in Duluth should be very exciting…as it also marks the 150th year of statehood for Minnesota.


To see some beautiful photos of the Pride….follow this link.


Mysterious message in a bottle!

My daughter and I took a walk along Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota…and Oofta were we in for a surprise! We spotted a bottle floating toward the beach. Eventually Jitterbug managed to snag it and we found a message inside. We had so much fun, and luckily I had brought my little camera which also is a video camera. You guessed it—we have video documenting our find!

Mystery bottle

Mystery bottle

Duluth, Minnesota’s Two Seasons

Duluth, Minnesota has two beautiful seasons! One week of Summer and fifty one weeks of Winter but we love it!
Duluth, Minnesota

Duluth, Minnesota

To see a short video….Click Here!

Mom and Jitterbug’s late breaking news podcast…Oofta we are growing old!

Growing old ain’t for sissies,” Bette Davis

Here is episode #2 of Mom and Jitterbug.

The podcasters

The podcasters

Click on the link below for our latest audio offering, from the Beautiful Northwoods.

This podcast lasts aproximately 20 minutes and examines how we view aging. How old is old? Hot flashes anyone? We even bring in a guest auctioneer to sell us a bag of kitty litter! Join us on this unique journey…as we examine the things in life that really matter. It is dedicated to our good friends, Danny and Ashley who just celebrated their 50th episode of their very unique podcast Danny Does Duluth!

AND NOW…We present our latest podcast, actually our second episode! We take a tough look at what happens when we age. Disclaimer: We are not medical doctors. Oofta you do not want to try this at home.

Exhibit B

Oofta. That’s a cute little jet!

Cirrus \
Cirrus \

The roar of a mini jet could be heard over Lake Superior today, as Cirrus Design launched “The Jet.”  Watching this little bird fly overhead I couldn’t help think what George Jetson might thinkabout this little mode of transport.   Oofta. Don’t you know…George, his lovely wife Jane, daughter Judy and their boy Elroy could fit in this little seven seater dream…with room left over for Astro and Rosie!  Heck there would even be room left over for Mr. Spacely!  For the right price….your family might one day soon own it’s own little jet.

Here is a quote from today’s news media event at the Duluth International Airport.

“We don’t have to change this image of pilot to superman,” said Alan Klapmeier. ” We should all be pilots. This isn’t a big deal. You can drive a car, you can fly an airplane, what else do you want to do today?”

Believe it or not, four hundred folks have ponied up 100-thousand dollars each as a deposit to make one of these “million dollar babies” their own. The Jet will be coming off of the production line in 2011.    I’ll be saving my pennies.  Oofta wouldn’t that be a great way to commute?

 Here is the Youtube press released from my beautiful city by the Big Lake.