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Update on “Message in a bottle”

Thursday August 7th, Jitterbug and I tossed the message in a bottle back into Lake Superior. We included our own treasure map which leads to a buried treasure along Duluth, Minnesota’s lakewalk.

Click on the photo below to see the video of “Bottle Part Two!”

Message in a bottle

Message in a bottle


Oofta I love summer in the Northland!

I love our adventures in Duluth. They take about one hour of our time but they always lift my spirits and refuels my brain.

Oofta it’s 1812!

Click the picture to go to a video of 1812 soldiers!

The Brits invade Duluth, Minnesota as part of Maritime History Festival. My daughter Jitterbug ran into a jolly good group of Brits! Oofta she had fun!

Oofta! I’m so Excited…the Swedes are here!

FinnFest 2008 in Finn-ished….now its time to host the Swedes! Duluth Mayor Don Ness hosted an official welcoming ceremony today for dignitaries from Duluth’s Sister City of Växjö, Sweden.  The Växjö delegation, includes Mayor Bo Frank, the leader of the  city that earned the title of ‘Greenest’ City in Europe.

Click pix to Swedish City’s Website!

 Kronobergs Castle

To learn about Duluth Click the pix below!





As part of their stay, in Duluth, Minnesota the Swedish delegation will share with Duluthians the numerous environmental steps it’s city  took to earn the Eurpean title. 

Some elements of Växjö’s environmental program include:

-Increasing green purchasing of such things as ecofriendly vehicles and ecologically produced food;

-Promoting a “Greener Växjö” through biological diversity and accessibility to green areas;

-Efficiently using energy and increasing use of renewable energy;

-Increasing bicycle traffic and use of public transportation.

 Oofta…it makes me proud to be part Swede!

Finnish Reindeer, Oofta!

FinnFest 2008.

I was afforded a great honor Friday night at the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center. While the President of Finland was inside listening to the Minnesota Orchestra…I was outside cleaning up after the Reindeer. Oofta it was messy but kinda fun in a stupid way.

Click the picture to see a short video of the cleanup!

Cute but messy!

Cute but messy!

President of Finland receives honors in Duluth, Minnesota.

FinnFest 2008 has drawn thousands to Duluth, Minnesota to celebrate all things Finnish.  Including the President of Finland, Tarja Halonen.

For a news update on her honors from the University of Minnesota Duluth, click on the picture below.

President Tarja Holonen

President Tarja Halonen

 FinnFest has been such a wonderful experience. Dancing, music, plays, educational seminars and great exhibits.  This weekend is also filled with events.  For a complete schedule of events click on the FinnFest Logo below.


OOfta! Rudy be careful!

The sport of mountain biking is picking up in popularity in the Northland…where fat tires rule the trail. Now a small group of local athletes are pushing themselves to the limits when it comes to handling their bikes.

Their talent goes well beyond the standard rock jump. This week in Duluth, Minnesota my daughter and I went for a walk on the city’s lakewalk along beautiful Lake Superior. We always enjoy our time together and we often see things that many people simply miss because they are busy burning off calories from dinner.

Click the picture below to see what you missed!

But some of us have learned if you stop and look around you there are gifts that can make you day…and you might be lucky to see people like Rudy defying gravity along the rocky shore.