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Kneivel breaks record…and a bone. Oofta!

As I reported on Thursday Robbie Kneivel would attempt to jump four airplanes and a helicopter as part of the Birthday Bash at the LCO Casino near Hayward Wisconsin.  Indian Country News is reporting he did break  a new world record near Hayward Wisconsin August 17, 2008.  To see video of his jump and to learn of his injury…click the picture above and go to Indian Country News.

Oofta–this guy was lucky!


Robbie Knievel’s next jump! Oofta!

Robbie Knieval

To see the television interview click on the picture!

Robbie Knieval, motorcycle Daredevil will jump four airplanes and a helicopter August 16th, 2008 on Saturday night, 6 PM at the LCO Casino near Hayward Wisconsin.

He visited the Northlands NewCenter and talked with me about his next big attempt to break a world record.  By the way, the Helicopter blades will be turning!  Oofta….this guy has guts!

Update on “Message in a bottle”

Thursday August 7th, Jitterbug and I tossed the message in a bottle back into Lake Superior. We included our own treasure map which leads to a buried treasure along Duluth, Minnesota’s lakewalk.

Click on the photo below to see the video of “Bottle Part Two!”

Message in a bottle

Message in a bottle

OOfta! Rudy be careful!

The sport of mountain biking is picking up in popularity in the Northland…where fat tires rule the trail. Now a small group of local athletes are pushing themselves to the limits when it comes to handling their bikes.

Their talent goes well beyond the standard rock jump. This week in Duluth, Minnesota my daughter and I went for a walk on the city’s lakewalk along beautiful Lake Superior. We always enjoy our time together and we often see things that many people simply miss because they are busy burning off calories from dinner.

Click the picture below to see what you missed!

But some of us have learned if you stop and look around you there are gifts that can make you day…and you might be lucky to see people like Rudy defying gravity along the rocky shore.

Mysterious message in a bottle!

My daughter and I took a walk along Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota…and Oofta were we in for a surprise! We spotted a bottle floating toward the beach. Eventually Jitterbug managed to snag it and we found a message inside. We had so much fun, and luckily I had brought my little camera which also is a video camera. You guessed it—we have video documenting our find!

Mystery bottle

Mystery bottle

Oofta! This guy is a real hero!…saves 5 people from burning building!

Mark Howard

Mark Howard Click here!


Imagine being in your favorite coffee shop…visiting with your friends and neighbors…when someone breaks through the door, yelling…”There’s a building on fire….help.”

Some might walk out to watch the fire…but not commercial fisherman Mark Howard.   Without thought to his own safety he left the coffee shop and when he learned people were still in the burning building he went in after them.  Bravery knows no bounds and neither does Howard.  Before firefighters could arrive he rescued five people during two separate trips into the flames. 

In a world filled with bad news…it fills my heart with joy to know heros still exist in real life, not just on television.

Oofta, and now the headlines

Cheese grater

Cheese grater

Don’t move, or I’ll grate you!

Are crooks getting dumber or is it just me?

O.k., imagine you are going out to rob a gas station…but before you leave the house you remember you don’t have a gun.  Oofta, what to do?  Reportedly one enterprising crook grabbed the most imposing weapon he could find.  “A cheese grater!” Now I am not privey to the police reports so I can’t confirm what type of grater he grabbed…but the above photo looks pretty scarey to me.

The strange thing about it, according to NBC’s THE NOOZ

This robber successfully robbed a gas station with the cheese grater.  His cheese was cut however, when he tried to repeat his success on Sunday at a nearby liquor establishment.  An eagle eye’d patron realized the alledged “gun” was an alledged grater and 86’d him! As he fled he scene the robber dropped his grater.  He was later captured by police.

The moral of this story?

Fool me once shame of me….fool me twice…shame on you.  Oofta, what a Dufus!