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Oofta when did I get old?

farmer 1

I am a child of the sixties in my sixties. I can no longer say that I am middle aged.  I look in the mirror and see my mother…where did those sagging cheeks come from?  And why are my knees  starting to brother me?  Another thing, what is the deal with dry eyes and mouth?  Oofta, oofda…when did I get old?

Seeking to maintain my health and youth over the years I have watched my diet, (accept for an occasional cookie or beer) and exercised when I found the time…and bought multiple and sundry beauty items.  Age laughs at my attempts to hold it back.

Needless to say, time is now at a premium.  So as I slide through my 60’s I try use each minute.. but, an afternoon nap often calls on my days off and housekeeping chores are put off.

Age is a number…I get that.  But days are numbered too.


oofta all this stuff about Ebola


Oofta, it seems we can’t turn on a radio, a TV or pick up a paper without reading something frightening about Ebola and its spread.   A few days ago a young person asked me if I’d ever seen such a time as this.  I told him about the Polio Epidemic, its terrible toll on our nation’s children and the fear that gripped the country.  As bad as it was, eventually Dr. Jonas Saulk developed the Polio Vaccine.   While it’s to early to tell what direction this latest epidemic will take, the best advice is to understand as much as you can about this virus.  Here’s a good starting point Ebola Information.

To quote a great president, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

ooofta, its not the heat!

here in Northern Minnesota it is so hot, ish!  Sleeping at night is nearly impossible because of the humidity. We don’t have air conditioning as for 360 days of the year we don’t need it. The other night I got up at 3am and looked outside and was surprised to see a fox in front of our garage eating a snack.  the nightlight attracts moths and this little fury friend found a real eight course meal.  It was fun watching him dance with the bugs and snapping them up into his little mouth.  The heat didn’t seem to bother him, even though he has a fur coat.

I marvel at the animals that venture into our little piece of Heaven on Earth. We have a woodchuck living under our storage shed, deer roam everywhere eating my ornamental bushes….bear lumber through as well.

Skunks, porky pines and of course rabbits are common visitors to our acre and a half.

Sure it is hot and humid, but there is always something going on to keep you occupied until sleep comes.

ofta I get to meet some interesting folks

Recently I traveled to Minnesota’s Iron Range to give a talk to a group of amazing women.  The lady in the picture with me is a self described “senior cougar”  She loves to chat up men and enjoys every minute of her life. She says its easy to meet men, simple start talking to them!

My first cameo role in a movie…Oofta Strange!

Here it is…the trailor for my first appearance in a horror movie~ it sure looks scary!

Kneivel breaks record…and a bone. Oofta!

As I reported on Thursday Robbie Kneivel would attempt to jump four airplanes and a helicopter as part of the Birthday Bash at the LCO Casino near Hayward Wisconsin.  Indian Country News is reporting he did break  a new world record near Hayward Wisconsin August 17, 2008.  To see video of his jump and to learn of his injury…click the picture above and go to Indian Country News.

Oofta–this guy was lucky!

Robbie Knievel’s next jump! Oofta!

Robbie Knieval

To see the television interview click on the picture!

Robbie Knieval, motorcycle Daredevil will jump four airplanes and a helicopter August 16th, 2008 on Saturday night, 6 PM at the LCO Casino near Hayward Wisconsin.

He visited the Northlands NewCenter and talked with me about his next big attempt to break a world record.  By the way, the Helicopter blades will be turning!  Oofta….this guy has guts!