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Denmark and Duluth—Oofta!

The tail of two little mermaids… Copenhagen there sits a sweet little mermaid in the harbor welcoming all who travel to the shores of this geat city.
Denmark\'s Little Mermaid

Duluth\'s Little Mermaid


Thousands of miles beyond in the new world…a Little Mermaid welcomes all to the shores of beautiful Duluth, Minnesota. Each holds in the hearts the promise of things to come.

A sad day in Denmark

A sad day in Denmark

In 2003 Vandals strike and topple the Denmark landmark into the sea…yet it rises from the waters and is firmly established on her rock…where she sits for all to enjoy today!

A sadder day in Duluth

A sadder day in Duluth

In 2008 Duluth’s little mermaid meets with a mishap….and tumbles into the water unaided! A passerby pulls her from the waters below and today….she sits looking for a thousand foot “sh#tter” to enter the harbor.

For the one thousand foot Sh#tter story on Youtube please click the picture below or the word: OOFTA

1000\' sh#tter



Watermelon rinds and libido? Oofta!

National Geographic photoMy Grandmother made a mean water melon pickle. Perhaps that is why Grandpa Fitz was always so happy!

Today on the news there was a report that the rind of watermelon can have a positive effect on a man’s libido. Kind of like the poor man’s viagra. Giggle. So in honor of this breaking news story today, I have found a recipe for watermelon pickles. No pun intended. This recipe comes courtesy of the Women of Harris, Minnesota Cook Book, circa 1950. This recipe could be blamed in part for the post war Baby boom.