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Oofta Pirates seen on Hill Lake!



Oofta, the Pirates have landed in Hill City, Minnesota. Seriously the pirate in the middle is my mother and she in 82 years old. If it is really a matter of genetics I have a lot of life to look forward to!

If you Missed it…here is a podcast about growing old.


Oofta my son lost his wallet in Minneapolis

My adult son just took a new job in Downtown Minneapolis…and of course I worry about him down there in the big city. He works nights…adding to my fears. I live in a small town in the Northwoods where crime is relatively rare…

This morning we got a telephone call from a man who said he found my son’s wallet. My thoughts involved the worse case sceneries regarding my son’s safety. Was he mugged, is he in a hospital…or oofta…worse. He maybe in his 20’s but I still worry…cause he will always be my little boy.

The man gave us his phone number and we called our son. He was fine but was missing his wallet. He called the good Samaritan and they will be meeting up today so my boy can retrieve his wallet.

Here’s a big thank you to the man who was kind enough to track our family down and for his honesty. This act of kindness has lifted my appreciation of the people in the big city where my son has chosen as his new home. Thanks Minneapolis! Thanks for taking care of my little boy!

Mom and Jitterbug’s late breaking news podcast…Oofta we are growing old!

Growing old ain’t for sissies,” Bette Davis

Here is episode #2 of Mom and Jitterbug.

The podcasters

The podcasters

Click on the link below for our latest audio offering, from the Beautiful Northwoods.

This podcast lasts aproximately 20 minutes and examines how we view aging. How old is old? Hot flashes anyone? We even bring in a guest auctioneer to sell us a bag of kitty litter! Join us on this unique journey…as we examine the things in life that really matter. It is dedicated to our good friends, Danny and Ashley who just celebrated their 50th episode of their very unique podcast Danny Does Duluth!

AND NOW…We present our latest podcast, actually our second episode! We take a tough look at what happens when we age. Disclaimer: We are not medical doctors. Oofta you do not want to try this at home.

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