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Alaska Gold Rush

This image is from an old stereographic card and highlights the Gold Rush in Alaska.


Old black and white photo Keystone cops

This photo is taken from an old set of negatives I purchased years ago from a farm auction in Minnesota’s Pine County south of Moose Lake, Minnesota.  All the family was gone.  Oofta this photo is sweet!  I like to imagine that these youngsters were guarding the farm from Dillenger and the gang who used to roam nearby in Wisconsin.  Wish I knew more about them.

Nemadji Pottery

The above link is to my nemadji indian pottery website. It may be of interest to those collecting swirl painted pottery, Nemadji “Indian” Pottery, Minnesota made pottery.

For those looking for this pottery, production ended back in 2002. However, you can still find it at garage sales and antique shops. One place in Moose Lake, Minnesota called Joe Jitters coffee shop and antiques has a selection of pots ranging from the early 1950’s to the 1990’s and they are reasonably priced for the beginning collector.

Oofta this is fun pottery to collect!

Nemadji PotteryNemadji “Indian” Pottery is my favorite thing to collect. I have hundreds of pieces and Oofta, I have so much I ended up writing a book about it!  It was produced as a tourist pottery in Moose Lake and Kettle River Minnesota from the 1920’s until 2002.  It can be found in garage sales, antique and collectible stores….I have paid everything from ten cents to 50 dollars per piece.

The book can be found on Amazon.