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Fruit soup and other recipes

fruit soup

recipe from 1950

The Women’s Club of Harris, Minnesota Cookbook, 1950. These pages are from the foreign dishes segment. Enjoy!


Oofta! Potato Dumplings!

Ode to Swedish Potato Dumplings!Potato Dumplings

When I was a little girl in Minnesota my mother and grandmother would make Swedish Keopkakker also known as Potato Dumplings. My mother would use the grease from the fry pan used to fry up the pork or ham and make a gravy to pour over the dumplings.

My oh my…we ate these up quicker than she could serve them up.

Left overs were sliced up and fried in butter.

We pronounced it “Crewb’-cah-cah” Oofta—My mouth waters just thinking about them!

Mom and Jitterbug

Mom and Jitterbug

One weekend soon my daughter and I will be whipping up a batch to see if they taste as good today as they did some fifty years ago!

It’s a good thing she’s in nursing school…this might just be a heart attack in a pan…