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Fruit soup and other recipes

fruit soup

recipe from 1950

The Women’s Club of Harris, Minnesota Cookbook, 1950. These pages are from the foreign dishes segment. Enjoy!


Watermelon rinds and libido? Oofta!

National Geographic photoMy Grandmother made a mean water melon pickle. Perhaps that is why Grandpa Fitz was always so happy!

Today on the news there was a report that the rind of watermelon can have a positive effect on a man’s libido. Kind of like the poor man’s viagra. Giggle. So in honor of this breaking news story today, I have found a recipe for watermelon pickles. No pun intended. This recipe comes courtesy of the Women of Harris, Minnesota Cook Book, circa 1950. This recipe could be blamed in part for the post war Baby boom. 


Miracle Fruit experiment on podcast

My daughter and I got some miracle fruit and experimented with it….this stuff is sweeping the internet so we thought we would try it. The podcast is kinda long and Oofta it is so silly!

Rhubarb Recipe circa 1950

rhubarb recipe this recipe comes from the COOK BOOK compiled by Women’s Club Harris Minnesota 1950

Rhubarb season is here and neighbors are handing off shopping bags of the sour little plant.  What can be done to make it taste good?  Well when I was a kid, my mom would give us a small cup of sugar and we would simple dunk the stem into the cup and take a bite.  Can’t believe we didn’t get a sugar over dose on that.

Here is a recipe from my Grandma Hilma’s cook book.  It sounds good…I might just try it.