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Oofta when did I get old?

farmer 1

I am a child of the sixties in my sixties. I can no longer say that I am middle aged.  I look in the mirror and see my mother…where did those sagging cheeks come from?  And why are my knees  starting to brother me?  Another thing, what is the deal with dry eyes and mouth?  Oofta, oofda…when did I get old?

Seeking to maintain my health and youth over the years I have watched my diet, (accept for an occasional cookie or beer) and exercised when I found the time…and bought multiple and sundry beauty items.  Age laughs at my attempts to hold it back.

Needless to say, time is now at a premium.  So as I slide through my 60’s I try use each minute.. but, an afternoon nap often calls on my days off and housekeeping chores are put off.

Age is a number…I get that.  But days are numbered too.