Lake Superior Agates Oofta they are sure pretty!

Rock hounds from around the county visit Moose Lake, Minnesota to search for Lake Superior agates. The agates were carried into our area and deposited during the Glacial Lake Duluth era…many, many years ago.

Moose Lake hosts agate days in late July every year. This year it was held July 19-20.

On Friday I went out to search for rock hounds to see what the big deal is.


2 responses to “Lake Superior Agates Oofta they are sure pretty!

  1. christa hunter

    I was at agate days 08!!! It was a sloppy day but great fun!!! I hope to go back every year… and then some…

  2. Just came back from my brother’s new summer home near Brookson over the labor day weekend. I was introduced to the hobby of Agate hunting. I caught on pretty quickly about some of the identifying features. I ended up with a small sandwich bag of smaller fragmented agates and a few “pea” sized lake washed stones. We hunted in my brothers stone lined driveway and on a sight seeing trip up to Gooseberry Falls area. I’m not quite sure but I think I’m ‘hooked”. Now the challenge will be to see if I can find some here in northern Indiana…….hummm, maybe aoround the southern tip of lake Michigan?

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