Oofta the Finns are coming to town!!!! FinnFest 2008!

FinnFest 2008 will be held in Duluth, Minnesota July 23-27th.  Hundreds of events are planned and one of the honored guests, is the President of Finland.

President Tarja Halonen

President Tarja Halonen

While I am not Finnish, I have been happily married to a Finn for 26 years. And my hair used to be the exact color as the Finnish President’s Tarja Halonen when I was a little girl…so that should count as something, Yah?

 My family is part Swedish on my mother’s side.  There has always been a friendly rivalry between the Swedes and Finns especially in Northeastern Minnesota.  On the Northland’s Newscenter, during a commercial break recently I asked the co-chairs of FinnFest 2008 if we have to be Finn to take part in this international event. “No, we love everyone.” they responded. 

 That really is true!  Finn or not–consider hooking up the reindeer and heading north to the beautiful city on Lake Superior for FinnFest 2008!  The saunas are firing, the coffee is hot…and gosh those Finns are nice people!

For a day by day schedule of events from the wonderful folks who put together FinnFest….click the word  OOFTA!

For a television interview with the co-chairs of FinnFest2008 click the logo below!


2 responses to “Oofta the Finns are coming to town!!!! FinnFest 2008!

  1. And she looks just like Conan O’Brian!!! You should put a picture of him up next to her.

  2. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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