Oofta Pirates seen on Hill Lake!



Oofta, the Pirates have landed in Hill City, Minnesota. Seriously the pirate in the middle is my mother and she in 82 years old. If it is really a matter of genetics I have a lot of life to look forward to!

If you Missed it…here is a podcast about growing old.


2 responses to “Oofta Pirates seen on Hill Lake!

  1. She’s quite a lady! I love the bandanna around the ankle with the knife tucked in it.

  2. I learned of your podcast from my soul brother Danny. I thought what the heck I’ll add it to my iPod. What a crazy (but fun) family came through in the podcast. I hope you do another as I really and truly enjoyed the one on Danny and Ashley.

    Remember that Danny Does Duluth, I Chicken Hammer, and the rest will take care of itself.

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